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RIP tumbl

Posted by ZONE-SAMA - December 4th, 2018

For anyone who was mainly following me on tumblr ( https://z0nesama.tumblr.com/ ) I would recommend switching to http://twitter.com/z0ne as tumblr are now banning all NSFW content. I'm also going to try to make more news posts here on Newgrounds in the same way that I used to make them on Tumblr.

Thank you all for your continued support over the years! I'm so glad that Newgrounds is still an active site with such a great community <3

As with all my previous adult parodies, the Lord Dominator animation that I'm currently working on will be posted here a few days after it goes up on my website. Stay tuned!



RIP tumbl

Newgrounds still keeping the NSFW faith!

Glad you're still active here too, after all these years! Fun times seeing so many icons pop up in the artist feed all of a sudden, though alas, real shame about all that Tumblr content; time spent curating that. Hopefully NG'll be around forever.

Is it true tumblr is no longer a website



You should post more stuff on newgrounds too tho' >~>

Oh please you were too good for Tumblr

The old ugly dog that's bleeding out too much for us to do anything but watch and try to ease its passing. Sadness, memories (mostly of it doing stupid shit), but we all kinda liked one part of it or another. RIP

RIP Tumblr, and bless you Zone, I'll follow wherever I have to!

Not just NSFW content, but a ton of perfectly safe content as well. Their algorithm for flagging content is completely insane and ridiculously poorly executed. A ton of my SFW content, as well as landscape paintings that I did as studies while watching Bob friggin' Ross, were all flagged for deletion.

Sure, the NSFW artists are all leaving because they're no longer welcome. But all the other artists are going to leave too if this algorithm can't even discern an exposed tit from Pinkie Pie.

This is seriously one of the worst-implemented site clean-up attempts I've ever seen, and seeing a website as huge as Tumblr completely destroying itself in this panic maneuver, it's just so painful to watch. I've never seen anything like this since Digg's 4.0 redesign so many years ago, and even back then, it wasn't on quite a scale as large as the entirety of Tumblr.

Lord Dominator animation? How am I just now learning about this?

I never liked Tumblr, there's so many hipsters and SWJ's, the good thing is their porn, that now is nonexistent, good job Tumblr... You took out the only good thing that you have, GFYS Tumblr!

im curious to see if the site will join myspace in the obscurity corner after doing this stupid move

Followed . Wissh you the best X3

rumblr are assholes

stay in here you thot

that's good news

I think I originally discovered u here on newgrounds, we comin full circle now baybee

Tumblr more like dumblr, am I right. Bam. Roasted.

Shit, where should I - someone banned from both - go to find you?

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