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Shit, where should I - someone banned from both - go to find you?

And nothing of value was lost.

I was in the instant you said Lord Dominator

@RABBI24 Preach!

No better place then the old hunting ground.

Hmm. Yeah 35.2k Fans on Newgrounds, great audience that still exists very nice.

Also I see a 69 that's ripe for the ruining. Hehehehehe, all is now right for the perfect formula to December.

Great, now Twitter will be even more popular. Looking for art on that site is such a pain in the ass. You literally have to dig through a million pictures of food, memes and video game screenshots before you can find the picture you're actually looking for

Good to see you'r not quiten us.

Luckyly I do not use tumbl... yet I bet newground will stay loyal to its comunity for a very longer time and do not lose thar; also Zone... sorry for losing space on there :/

Can u please make more ZTV News I’d love that

I always associated you with Newgrounds more anyway. I think it's cause the first times I watched your animations it was here.

zone-sama,i am ninja kitty

do u guys have soundclould because if you do i would definitely follow you guys

Oh following you on Twitter be great...if you hadn't blocked me on there for following you. No I'm serious, I followed you on Twitter many years ago to keep myself updated on your stuff and right after I did so you blocked me. Real nice way to show appreciation to your fans. And yes I still want to follow you so please unblock me. I go by Goleon.

You really Gonna block Me on Twitter cause I kept Asking when Bonk her Over yander Was gonna Be finish


@Goleon I feel The same Way all That i Was doing On twitter Was asking Zone exactly When new Animation was Gonna be Done and I got Blocked for That

For'real you're Gonna block Me on Twitter and BAN Me from Your twitch Steam all Because you Don't like Me asking You when Bonk her Over yander is Gonna be Done soon Are u Really that Selfish and Perhaps assholish That you Ain't even Gonna answer Me A fan Who is Asking a Simple question https://youtu.be/lAQUAhWkeCo


@J-Douglas - And the jerk hasn't unblocked me. He's clearly a case of big ego via popularity. Ungrateful a-hole. We give him the revenue he needs and he treats us like crap thinking he doesn't have to give us anything in return. Actually yeah Zone, you do. It's called decency and respect. You don't give it to your fans, you're not getting it in return.

@Goleon yet To unblock Me too My friend

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