Teen Titans Hentai 3: Starfire

2007-11-27 11:27:04 by ZONE-SAMA

It's finally finished. Check it out at:

I hope you all enjoy it.

Teen Titans Hentai 3: Starfire


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2007-11-27 11:33:30


That was just a little toooo much there. I had my laughs. Graphics are boob on there. Damn, if you would make a real animation without any hentai involved that would be sweet as hell!

Thumbs up!


2007-11-27 11:38:08

That was THE best 1 i was the 1st 2 see it but not the 1st 2 comment : ( My connection went


2007-11-27 11:40:49

btw had a feeling it would be a continue of number 1


2007-11-27 11:43:36

of course it would continue it said "To be continued" on the last one lol oh well the flash was great tho


2007-11-27 11:46:08

Amazing the best one so far


2007-11-27 12:10:37

Gawddamn Zone, you really went all out on this one - truly a Masterpiece of Fapping... and tentacles lol

just, if you're gonna take 4 months, say you're gonna take 4 months and we'll understand - it's better than saying 'it'll be out soon' every week for 4 months.

now go make "Teen Titans Hentai 4: Starfire and Friends," ok?

i mean, come on, you're so damn lazy. srsly. lol


2007-11-27 12:33:19

Nice, best Animation's that i ever have seen in a Flash.


2007-11-27 13:11:18

Nice....alwis been a fan of teen titans and Zone-sama.....great work......


2007-11-27 13:49:31

Man you're the best animator I've ever seen, I wish I had a subscription to your site.


2007-11-27 14:29:41



2007-11-27 15:08:09

Once again, amazing job Zone-sama. I must say this is definately your best parody yet (and your funniest too). Keep up the great work!


2007-11-27 15:15:12

LOL! starfire got owned. how many penisses did that thing have?

and poor starfire had like 18 dicks inside her body! ahahaha


2007-11-27 16:28:50

all right, but i wonder do people masterbate to this kind of stuff?!?!?!


2007-11-27 16:32:14

Fuck you.


2007-11-27 16:33:54

Keep making these flashes they are awsome


2007-11-27 16:53:28

this was great, but u tooks months on it, i wish u made the flash longer, but it was great better than the rest.
the next one should be about raven and starfire with robin cyborg and beast boy.


2007-11-27 17:06:59

so what was beast boy, robin, and cybrog doing when raven and starfire was being raped. o.O


2007-11-27 17:22:24

Dusk278 said: so what was beast boy, robin, and cybrog doing when raven and starfire was being raped. o.O

Well, they were wackin' it, of course.


2007-11-27 18:09:40

will you plz post a naruto parody plz


2007-11-27 18:53:19

yeah you should do a lot of other cartoons


2007-11-27 18:53:35

It was very enjoyable. For sure your best work yet. I forgot to mention in my review that the facial expressions used added a great effect. I lines you chose were great too because they kept Starfire's personality in it instead of her just looking like her it actual was her in it. Your truly an admirable erotic artist.
The credits were just epic lulz too. :3


2007-11-27 20:18:45

i know people often like to bring up the arguement that 'it was well animated/drawn' as the plus side to this, but that is a terrible arguement.

It's tasteles, first of all. And that's not even getting into the illegal parts.

Do you even KNOW how old these characters are?? The show is called 'Teen Titans' thus hinting to the high likely hood that they are between the ages 13-18, the only time anyone ages 18 or 19 is generally referred to as a 'teen' is, incidentally, in pornography. This is used to emphasize the fact that they are young, intended to generate larger appeal to the porno. Otherwise if they are 18 or 19 they are more commonly referred to as ADULTS. Teen Titans is not a pornographic show, it also has a large child audience appeal, therefore, the likelyhood that the creators of the show intended for ANY of the Teen Titans to be 18 or 19 is VERY SLIM. However it is still possible.

What we DO know (obviously) is that the character is getting raped. This is an illegal act. And when it is portrayed so graphicly, obscenely, and out of context as it is, it is certainly illegal to display it so. Anybody wishing to argue with me on this, please be sure you know the law before you make a fool out of yourself.

So there you have it, tasteless, and obscene. The fact that these things get such large appeal is sickening. It is a constant reminder that rape is becoming less and less of a shock/scare, which is a bad thing. When cartoon rape becomes accepted in the world, when will video clips of ACTUAL people being raped be considered acceptable? When will rape not be that big of a deal at ALL??

It's only a matter of time.


2007-11-27 20:24:35

Nice, It was awesome. I'm not much of a fan of tentacles though.... I still liked the 2nd one best :P maybe (in the next one) get ALL the teen titans to have a giant orgy, lol... that would be hysterical!


2007-11-27 21:30:35

Oh we enjoy it... very very much.


2007-11-27 21:44:38

my bad it's not illegal sorry about that i was a bit mixed up

so yeah it's not illegal ignore that part in my long rant


2007-11-27 21:44:55


Your profile says you're 15. GTFO, and go get ready for school tomorrow, kid.


I think you did smashing good job, especially blending the original TV content with your own.

I would suggest something other than Teen Titans for your next movie since so many seem to whine about it. Then again, the same people would find something else to bitch about.

Secondly can I suggest more tit action next time? When the tentacle monster tore her shirt, the faux logo in the bottom right covered them up in some of the scene.

Finally, I must say again, excellent job. While I hope you read the reviews and comments, I hope you do not take the negativity directed towards you to heart.


2007-11-27 22:01:48

I'm not going to start going on that this is "illegal".... Unfortunantly this is fully legal. However, honestly... what the hell? Last I checked most of society despise rapist... The Graphics were good but what does that matter when a flash portrays something so vile. What shocks me the most that with this score it will be in the area of top 50... Among the best flashes ever seen.... Scary huh?

The author has amazing talent but it is being wasted on such a bad subject. Is this how you would want to be known? Making rape flashes? I don't know who would want that title...

But What will anyone care about what I say.... Continue to praise this vile flash and continue to bring the creditbility of newgrounds down...


2007-11-27 23:10:16

It was really intense. I was both horrified yet slightly turned on.

A mixed feeling that only Hentai can deliever.



2007-11-28 02:03:32

man this place is full of prudes >.<
if u ppl dont have somethin nice to say then dont say anything at all!!
and stop whinning about "wasted talent" an artist draws what he/she wants NOT what u want so if u dont like it then go away and dont look at it!
as far as im concerned zone is THE best artist/animationist i have EVER seen
and its an honer to have ppl like zone to work so hard jus to share with us to enjoy.


2007-11-28 03:37:43

both notorious and vexorian are little bitches. it's just a cartoon, calm the eff down. of course videos of real rape will never be acceptable, know what you're talking about before you start mouthing off.

i agree that there wasn't enough boobage in the flash. but i also think it would be nifty if you did something other than porn. but hey you gotta do what you gotta do. you're probably not ever going to read this anyway. oh well.


2007-11-28 07:22:19

Again you come through for us pervy types on ng!!!
You definately have tallent and ,dare I say it, I would love to see you do a less adult / more serious flash. I bet it would take the top pretty fast. Keep up the great work!!!


2007-11-28 08:10:57

silly! well i loved the art style, and the blending of tv footage. you could barly notice the flash work, so yeah thumbs up!. and noes i dont watch heneti, but it was in the top for the week and had to see why, and i think it belongs in the Weeks picks! :3


2007-11-28 08:12:33

OMG notorious what your problem with this Flash go back to your Disneyland and stop talking shit like a old prude American Grandmother, its not Zone's Problem that your only like Real 50 Yeahrs old Womand's. Its a wunderfull work Zone i hope we will see more Teen Titans Action. (sry 4 me English i life in Germany so and now i got to the nude Beach and then in my bordel and fuck a little bitch.)


2007-11-28 09:01:42

You have incredible animating skills... But rape's sick man. I would be much more impressed by you if you didn't spend your time making hentia crap animations. It's the scum of Newgrounds.


2007-11-28 11:22:33

Honestly some people are just hipocrits, they only check out hentai flash animations so they can mouth off about how they are, and I quote, "the scum of newgrounds". I can understand people making flashes that make fun of hentai, that i'm ok with because we can choose to not look at it, but these people just piss me off. Keep up the good work Zone
@ LeonardNotLenny

Stop being such a bitch. If you dont like what Zone is submitting dont fuckin' watch them, or any hentai submission for that matter.
@ Zone

check out my review on teen titans hentai 3: starfire, I have a suggestion for one of your next animations. some people might think its too much, but it's just a continuation of a scene from the show.

@ all you hentai haters out there

If ya dont like it dont look at it alright assholes. Just leave us hentai lovers alone.


2007-11-28 15:12:04

You're amazing Zone, everything was great in that flash. As for you hentai haters, wtf is wrong with you? It's his life, his talent he can make hentai if he wants. Who gives a damn if you guys mommys wont let you watch it? Stop being such jealous homosexual pricks and complaining about his work just cause it's hentai. "I wish you'd do something else other than hentai, it's a waste of time" I wish you guys would do something else other than living your pathetic lives, there a waste of times. Nevertheless you're a great animator Zon, don't listen to these jealous homosexual bitches. Everyone (with commen sense that is) loves your hentai.


2007-11-28 16:08:40

good work on it! You should make another.. with all the titans. or something. Maybe more movies from other shows.. dunno. like Total Drama Island,.. That'd be cool. Lol



2007-11-28 16:38:08

if you make a nother one, could you please make it longer. I know this one was, but still...


2007-11-28 18:09:10

better than porn! lol!


2007-11-28 18:37:15

Very good. Great improvement. Love your artstyle.
40th post.


2007-11-28 22:40:45


Appearantly, gaining age doesn't mean gaining intelligence, does it, huh? You're just lame. Please do society a favor and cut off your dick. =|

To all the other rape-fans:
You suggest not to watch a rape-promoting tape? (and HELL yeah it promotes rapes; I mean "Are you alright?"-"I am now..." WTF??? She must've been DEAD after that shot, inner bleedings - and don't say it's just a cartoon, the rape was fucking realistic, and the consequences should be too)
So how can you critisize something you don't like? Just ignore it? And bash people that think different, yeah? If so, you would be all great, really great nazis.
"Hail Hitler, just ignore the stuff happening to the jews, and you from the resistance, fuck off, you idiots"

Yeah, yeah, it's just a goddamned cartoon. But as notorious said, if it is accepted in cartoon form, how long will it take to be not a shocker anymore in reality?
That's dangerous, really.
...too bad a majority of us will have children - I wouldn't approve mine growing up in a society that approves rape (no matter how unrealistic this is, however), would you?

...you call people critisizing this weak and whiny?? I'll tell you what, just going with the fucking mainstream, THAT is whiny! >=(

And to the artist... well, you're still an awesome animator. I don't know if you're turned on by the stuff you draw, but if so, I pity you.

In any case, you're still pretty a genious, gainig high scores by excellent animation AND satisfying the peoples thirst for provcation and molested pussy. Lolz.

However, bash me for this comment. Whatever. *shrug*
I don't think you can have a normal discussion with people around here, anyways.



2007-11-28 22:59:12


Yes... having a "normal discussion" is rather hard, when you start your post off by telling people to mutilate their genitalia.

Just saying...


2007-11-29 06:29:14

they all ask starfire if she is ok, what about raven? she got raped also lol.


2007-11-29 07:23:42

Erm... hallo, sarcasm? รด.o

Do you think I'd really expect anyone to mutilitate his genitalia? (although... this is happening to a girl worldwide every 11 seconds... female genital cutting rocks *puke*)

It's still awkward seeing people defend this... "art"; whether the victims is real or not.



2007-11-29 13:35:21


how is it realistic, it was a giant ink/tentical monster raping her....

and Zone sama has his own web site and does this for a living, so i dont think u spamming his comment box with things ur against is gonna change anything he does..


2007-11-29 15:24:32


The act of rape, the pain and her reaction were quite realistic, weren't they?
She should at least have been badly wounded.

And no, I don't think Zone's gonna change anything in his work, why should he? He's a great artist, and by satisfying an assload of perverts he gets lots of fame here... if I was him, I'd continue.
But this doesn't mean you can't critisize it.
And you refer to anyone with a different opinion as spammer? *lol*
Man, go serve some power-obsessed tyrant and torture regime-critics, you'd be in good hands there.



2007-11-29 15:48:03

The gift of animating used for evil, I love it hahah.


2007-11-29 19:10:06


*lol* Just making a joke anyway. Sarcasm doesn't always translate well through a comment board. The vast differences of opinion on the subject probably doesn't help. >_>'

To be honest, I'd never heard of the Teen Titans until stumbling across "fan art" on forums. But considering the negativity, and given that the tentacle rape seems to offend, perhaps it's time for Zone-Sama to move on to something other than Teen-Titans, but it seems there's going too be at least one more animation.

No hard feelings? No pun intended.

PS: This would have been the perfect oppertunity for posting a picture of Chris Hansen from Dateline NBC... lol


2007-11-29 22:40:08

@ Austrian-Mats

theres something that i dont get. you know that zone has been making these animations for a long time right? so why are you even on zone's NG page in the first place if you dont like what he/she is doing? it doesnt make sense really. if theres something that i dont like on newgrounds i just avoid it like most people that have sense. im not saying that you dont have any, but what you're doing is kinda senseless you know? im sure there's some people that would agree with me on this one.
not to be rude or anything but if you dont like something, i suggest you just steer clear of it.


2007-11-29 23:43:00

Austin Mats do us all a favor and shut the hell up. Everyone loves Zone's videos and no one cares that you don't approve of fake rape in a cartoon. What's the point of watching adult videos when your going to cry like a bitch every time theres inapropriate conduct? Damn you're the worst kind of hentai hater out there, the kind that thinks someone actually gives a damn about your opinions. Zone will never change his flashes no matter how many idiots bash it. Just sit back, shut up and enjoy the damn movie. If you don't like it... ummm... I don't know.... DON'T WATCH IT! >:(