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Keep Skullgirls Growing

2013-03-08 13:32:55 by ZONE-SAMA

I have made a short toon to help encourage you all to donate what you can to Lab Zero Games so that they can finish their DLC characters for Skullgirls. Depending on how much you donate, you will receive different rewards, some of which are truly incredible, including getting your own original character into the background of a stage!

It's an extremely worthy cause as the team who worked on the game are incredibly talented and had to deal with some very difficult issues regarding their publisher. Development on DLC for the game had to be cut short, people got laid off, no one got paid and general bullshit happened, none of which was a result of anything they did.

Full information on what exactly happened can be found here: Laz Zero November 2012 Letter

Here is a link to the toon:

ZTV News Extra (Skullgirls)

And finally, the most important link, the one you click to donate!

Keep Skullgirls Growing

Thanks for taking the time to read this, and hopefully donate!

Keep Skullgirls Growing


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2014-02-28 13:28:48

please do Kagura from gintama!


2013-12-04 06:54:34

I'm a fan of all your stuff from redmenis to zone archives


2013-11-29 00:44:43

Skullgirls is one of the best fighting games ive ever played, Im glad your supporting it Zone!


2013-11-13 18:58:04

I'm a big fan I been fallowing you for years Zone,I just hope u steel uploading staff.


2013-11-07 11:36:14


2013-10-11 21:52:07

I've been a fan for years. Glad you're still animating.


2013-08-11 20:05:52

LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL, my fucking sides!!!


2013-08-07 04:28:15

Not to be pushy but could you do Priscilla cross bread hentai from dark souls? please?


2013-07-27 21:21:17

I think its funny that I thought you guys weren't a porn/hentai developer for the longest time...not gonna unsubscribe though cause i dont wanna be a jerk......;)


2013-07-19 05:46:24

Mmm skullgirls,good!!!


2013-07-16 23:22:54

I went to EVO at the Skullgirls booth and bought a T-Shirt.
Since you're supporting this game so much, are you actually gonna play this game?

This question was probably asked before, but why the heck not again.


2013-07-08 12:16:29

id like to ask a question zone...

if your so awesome at your videos (keep it up :p) then why dont you make art as well?


2013-07-02 21:18:45

more rule34 KthxBia


2013-06-10 05:13:26

You guy's made me fap for the longest time. I've seen most of your works but I need to catch up on some. Also ARE YOU NUTZ? IMA HORSE!


2013-05-23 19:05:20

I actually bought Skullgirls and it wasn't as good as I had hoped :/ the graphics are out of this world awesome, but the controls...SUCK BALLS. Like HARD. I'm not really that good at video games, so I went through all the tutorials and everything, and all I got out of it was that just to do a simple combo, there was this whole long ass complicated button mashing that just took all the fun out of it for me :/ For example, to do the basic special moves, you have to roll the joystick a certain direction in a certain way. For me at least, if you didn't do it perfectly every single time, your character just stood around like a retard, getting the living shit kicked outta them...

Well that's just me! That's my review of the game, feel free to disagree that's fine! :)


2013-05-12 19:19:21

Add-on to Guy-in-Suit:
ZONE-SAMA,U should know that most adult games make it on Newgrounds.


2013-05-12 10:37:05

Hello Ms.Zone Sama, if that was correct, I have a good question for you that I need a answer for. Why is it that on newqrounds your interactive games are always demos while on other sites I been on have full versions of it, why is it that some of us can't get the full versions on newgrounds.


2013-05-07 18:34:14

So if this is sucessful can you make a adult parody of this or a a game


2013-05-02 22:43:20

Can you create a game where the player gets to beat Zone-Tan?

Not fuck or anything sexual, but just beat the everliving shit out of Zone in numerous ways. Like with a bat.

Or a knife.

Or an axe.

Or a sledgehammer. Anything out of Condemned, really.


2013-04-30 19:49:03

Do u think u can POSSIBLY do a Duck Dodgers adult parody?
Let's just hope it doesn't end up like Frankie....


2013-04-28 03:57:30

Sorry I'm poor Zone I cant donate, but maybe if I buy Skullgirls on my PS3 maybe that'll help.


2013-04-27 23:39:26

Draw awesome pics of chicks(some with dicks o_O)
Brand it as art
Fucking cops wont suspect a thing
GENIUS *Troll face*
Keep up the good work zone ;)


2013-04-03 22:57:49

Since your website*


2013-04-03 22:57:22

Since your conveniently has a broken contact button I will now attempt to use this means to contact you or someone.

Bought a Zone-archive navy blue I love tentacles shirt off your website and it looks nothing like the website.

It looks like it was ironed on by a one armed retarded bipolar mental patient (probably was to save money) but the point is, this shitty quality is not what I expected. I want money back or a replacement shirt! I mean I literally could have made an iron on for a shirt that would have turned out better >.<

ZONE-SAMA responds:

You'll have to e-mail cafepress as I have no control over this personally. I'm sure they'll give you a refund.


2013-04-02 14:15:44

That april fools...

A good april fools has you wishing it were real :(


2013-03-28 11:01:29

Why not make a Flash of Squigly to celebrate the amount of money they reached now it's over $700,000 and they might be able to add a fifth playable Skullgirls character


2013-03-19 22:02:27

9001 bucks says dingdongdaddy is a homosexual


2013-03-17 17:11:36

Being a huge fan of Skullgirls I am excited to see you guys support them.


2013-03-14 05:37:32

So Zone, since you seem to have a character drawn already in the style of the game, did you pay the money necessary to put Zone-tan in?


2013-03-13 09:53:08

I don't mind seeing her in a flash :)


2013-03-10 12:52:51

I'll try to help as best I can. I'm glad that a lot of people are supporting them!!!!


2013-03-09 22:52:32

Haters will hate! Regardless of whats being offered, 343+k is pretty freaking impressive. Congrats!


2013-03-09 21:07:25

worst game ever a piece of shit it needs to go away


2013-03-09 17:11:07

Holy shit they raise $343,238!! Looks like they will keep growing...

Congrats on the fans btw.


2013-03-09 17:11:03

Holy shit they raise $343,238!! Looks like they will keep growing...

Contrats on the fans btw.


2013-03-09 15:45:26

Congrats to your 15,000th fan.


2013-03-09 07:30:32

cool skullgirls


2013-03-09 03:50:50

Thanks so much for all the support, dude!


2013-03-09 03:50:44

Thanks so much for all the support, dude!


2013-03-09 00:03:55

If I could say one thing to the Skullgirls it would be this.


2013-03-08 22:49:47

zone-tans dlc character is kinda of cute.i kinda do want to see here in a flash,but not a hentai flash of course.


2013-03-08 21:21:17

Zone-Tan looks kind of adorable in that picture. Love the coloring.


2013-03-08 14:52:50

well its been a while since I played, and it felt like a broken capcom vs marvel game. but hey maybe things have changed since then. Ill give it another try


2013-03-08 14:15:35

Donated $30. I heard about this last week. The goal has since been reached but new goals have been set.
$400,000 for another new character, stage and story, $600,000 for a third new character, stage and story. The third character can be picked by the community. You can pick any character from the 'mysterious character list' (Check the 'updates' tab).
New stages also means new music for the soundtrack yo.

Im a huge fighting game enthusiast and Skullgirls is one of the most well put together, ingeniously balanced and overall just the best fighting game I have ever played ever. And that is saying alot. ALOT. I can go all day. And the characters and world are so likeable (except Cerebella).
I have no idea what MindChamber is going on about. Maybe he hasn't played it enough to see how deep it really is...


2013-03-08 13:48:45

its amazing looking game, shame the gameplay is kinda lame, hopefully some of the money will go to tweaking the game and balancing the characters