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Jinxed Update

2009-05-08 15:43:28 by ZONE-SAMA

For those interested; the new Teen Titans parody featuring Jinx and Cyborg is indeed being worked on and will be out soon.

Jinxed Update


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2009-06-09 01:49:02

I'm honestly wondering if HentaiKey is going to let you post such a large project on Newgrounds for free... So, is it?


2009-06-07 21:29:34

Wow! It's been so long, I thought Zone-Sama forgot all about it.


2009-06-07 14:30:05

If you look on the "their" official site, theres another teaser photo on "their" site and "they" said as you can tell from the thumb nail, starfire and Raven are included in the flash and this one is going to be fully detailed and long.


2009-06-07 09:48:40

Never mind about porn, you're flash is the best on NG. I love how you use some of the real cartoon and your own art to make it more realistic. Please keep it up!


2009-06-06 12:07:46

wow, i just saw the update picture on ZONE's site (i know, im pretty late :P) looks like its definately gunna be worth the wait, all u people wanting it now, have patience, the longer we wait, the better it will be, not just that, but it will allow ur favourite hentai creater to make this even better than what it already looks, and that, my friends, will keep u happy, because u can happily fap away like a bunch of sex starved teenagers and it will make ZONE happy cos he/she doesnt have to listen to arguments about "god" and moaning about how this is taking too long


2009-06-05 23:52:14

*sigh* I can't sit by idly just reading this crap.

The god debate can be neither proven nor disproved (and somebody watches Family Guy Mortan). I'm an atheist myself but I don't bother arguing over it because I know I can't technically win.

The whole Eltro thing: Yes, you're a douchebag as your entire thing contradicted itself in several parts. However I disagree with the whole "He's a douchebag 15 year old." So? What does age have to do with anything? Well it does to an extent but you've more or less reached your full mental capacity by 15, and the only thing separating your knowledge from that of an older person is life experiences.

Now for the people bashing hentai: Shut up. How do you get any kind of pleasure yelling at people? Sex is the most basest and natural of our instincts. True, some people might find it a little weird as this is technically pedophilia and they are being raped but that's one of the things about hentai. It happens. I'd be offended if I saw a real 15-16 year old girl being raped (maybe not by tentacles, I'd mainly just be shocked) but in hentai, I'm not. Also you have to watch this. Nothing in the visible Newgrounds content leads you to this, except maybe the "You might also like this" links. You have to go looking for this.

And now to something that's relevant to this news post: Cool. Been waiting for a while. Looks pretty awesome.

Oh and did any1 else notice RubberNinja post? I found that kinda funny, not sure why, but i do.


2009-06-05 11:41:11



2009-06-05 02:20:15

I'm getting annoyed since I've been on both sides and personally till you look at those views, you cant say that one is wrong or not an personally I'm tired of hearing this kind of crap since my sister is all like woooo so good or some junk.


2009-06-04 21:01:26

i where't gonna say anything but what the hell, THERE IS NO GOD! your sick delusion is vain. i am only saying this cuz Inkbgs19 said he would hurt whoever said something like this in front of him. very Christian btw. believe what i do or i'll hurt you. yeah...anywho, the fact that Inkbgs is a deluded tard is not gonna make this go any faster. neither is constant spam or how soon you want it to finnished. so stop spam and just wait untill its done. thats just about it. i hope i pissed off about 80% of the people reading this, and the remaining 20%, hope you had fun reading xD


2009-06-04 17:30:48

Thats kind of funny. I've checked everyday, I'm getting sick of waiting :( . Not that I mean to rush you hope that you check a few of these wondered if you couldnt add like Terra and BB into it. I thought about makeing two myself if you wanted to help.


2009-06-04 13:57:42

lol so many people are checking ZONEs site its crashing but i hope this is done soon


2009-06-03 20:24:24

I saw the screenshots you posted on the Foundry, and I gotta hand it to you. You REALLY know how to build up anticipation.


2009-06-03 16:56:39

don't pull out a 3D Realm stunt asshole. Not that anyone cares >.>


2009-06-03 15:28:00

sorakey15 so because math and science can't explain everything that makes god exist? Do you have any actual proof that god exists? If you say faith is proof you are foolish. It is only true to you, and that doesn't mean anything. Truths are things that are true to everyone, not just oneself. For instance the laws of gravity are true for everyone. So god may exist but don't parrot your tired and plagiarized book.

Can't wait to see the flash, it looks to be interesting.


2009-06-02 23:35:57

Zone Sama just updated more news on the Jinx flash on Zone's website!

it's gonna be SWEET!

Thank You Zone Sama!


2009-06-02 21:20:32

Hey sectus, I noticed that you have some of Zone-Sama's work in your favorites. OH THE IRONY.


2009-06-02 20:09:06

Yeah just had a looksee of this myself.

Looks to be longer and more sexy than all put together if my suspicions are correct.

I guess we can expect it to be released Julyish hehe.


2009-06-02 19:24:52

According to Zone's website, "The Jinx Flash is being worked on every single day, but it's still not ready for release. It's an extremely large project and much longer and more detailed than the Starfire one was. Hopefully it will be finished soon, and be worth the wait. As you can see from the thumbnail, it also features Starfire and Raven."

So yeah.


2009-06-02 15:13:21

Eltro2kneo go fuck yourself it is stupid your talking to older people like that im 19 almost 20 I have an Iq of 135 and a 15 year old is trying to tell me about life you need to show respect older people on this website not me im telling you to respect me but respect the people on newgrounds and their beliefs dont say shit that people would kick your ass about take for instance the God thing if you said that in front of me I would personaly I would fuck you up im not perfect but neither is anyone else on newgrounds and that includes you


2009-06-02 05:48:57



2009-06-02 02:54:31

weeeeeeeee! more hentai! hentaikay take your time with the jinx and cyborg hentai ok and keep up the good work ok!


2009-06-01 23:31:28

100th comment!

yeah guys back off I'm sure Zone is working hard on it!


2009-06-01 21:55:48

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhh hhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! oh my god i'm gonna go crazy! *sob* how much longer *sob* youre torturing me.


2009-06-01 19:31:55

What do you mean by "soon"?


2009-06-01 19:27:49



2009-06-01 15:00:56

Take your time don't worry about what others have said. The longer the wait, the better it will be(Hopefully) =D


2009-06-01 12:33:55

yea people respect you because THEY WILL GET BONER AND CUM EVERYWERE


2009-06-01 03:11:33

Jinx looks so sexy looking at Cyborg like that :) can`t wait to watch this :)


2009-05-31 23:18:34



2009-05-31 22:56:18

Well, its June 1st everywhere in Japan, and its still not released. She updated her post on her website that its scheduled for this month, and when she had put that on her site, it was May, and its not released yet. What a shame.


2009-05-31 14:17:28

Im glad you picked her jix is one of the hottest if not numder one


2009-05-31 13:43:53

Now... according to his/her website( i say his or her because i have read several arguments over zone's gender. so i say his/her. heshe heheh anyway) this should be getting releases sometimes today. so unless he/she is a big fat liar every1 that has been waiting for o' so long (like me) will finally get to see it! yay! Pleze zone. pleze. don't make us wait anymore. pleze....


2009-05-31 07:21:14

seriously, why is everybody arguing over ZONE's work? it's natural talent, maybe some of you think its a waste putting it into hentai, but its ZONE's choice, not yours, if you dont like hentai, then why the fuck do you constantly comes on his/her profile just to post hateful comments, i mean, what, do you have nothing better to do with your time? grow up you saddo's, you should be thankful you're actually getting this stuff for practically nothing, if somebody kept coming on your channel and saying how screwed up or stupid or a waste of time your video's were, you wouldnt like it would you? exactly, so find something better to do than criticise peoples work


2009-05-30 22:08:59

@Eltro2kneo: Instead of fostering an attitude of understanding and showing a genuine concern for your fellow man, all you do is sit up on your podium and yell at everyone about how stupid they are. People like you, who have an inflated sense of superiority and look down on everyone else, are far more ignorant and harmful to society than the people you deride upon.

@sorakey15: Stop looking down on people just because they don't share your beliefs. You're as bad as Eltro in that sense.


2009-05-30 17:36:50

Thank God, haha I've been waiting for so long for this shit. You are a fucking artist man


2009-05-29 09:47:30

I've got to admit that Jashin is somewhat right. One can't bother himself with stuff such as conspiration, world affairs, philosophy and shit and expect to be adult. But I would rather be a lifeless basement-dweller trying to cling to that little internet-life I would have than to be a douchebag, cam-whore, attention-whore, 13-years-old-boy/16-years-old-girl. What sort of adult is somebody who doesn't think?


2009-05-28 12:48:49

why is everyone calling zone a girl all of a sudden? is zone really a girl and if true do yall have any proof? are all these just assumptions?


2009-05-28 07:08:34

Holy fuck! I thought it would never come


2009-05-27 23:02:46

Man. Zone, you sure have to put up with alot of shit. If i were you, i would be like, Fuck this shit, and only post it on your site where you get paid to do your work. Everyone is good at somthing, and Zone here is good at making flashes. Just because there sexual doesnt really mean anything. She's just doing what she likes to do. Lay off. God.


2009-05-27 20:45:28

oh thank god he hasn't forgotten about us :)


2009-05-27 11:52:18

OMG!! i don't get the people who have to complain so much about these cartoons. If it really bothers you that much why the hell do you even visit this part of the site. The God Damn cartoon isn't even out yet. Grow up nobody wants to read you complaints.


2009-05-27 10:42:50

@Eltro: Get a life. God exists, that's all there is to it. math and science can't explain everything.

@Jashin:You, on the other hand seem to actually have a brain.


2009-05-27 00:30:53

Jashin Your quite the idiot yourself How old are you and you wont put your age on your profile...

Either put up or shut up

(this has nothin to do with Zone-Sama's post BTW)


2009-05-26 23:51:11

HAHAHAHA, the kid above me is hilariously pathetic.

You're only 15 son, yet you talk like you know everything about the world.... ahhh to be an idiotic naive teenager.

Try moving out from your parent's house, go to college, experience life, stop being a deluded little kid and realize what an idiot you've been.


2009-05-26 22:01:32

Don't listen to them, they're just a bunch of uneducated ignorant people who forgot what their values were... and all of their values dropped to the ground of aberrant human behavior and corruption. And that problem is only because of our society, culture, the environment and our current system. That is what made us perverted, manipulated, distorted, uneducated, ignorant, aberrant and corrupt people who don't think nor have the capability of critical thinking.

If you think entertainment is conflict, corruption and perverted movies, you are wrong, because that is not who we are normally, I bet you don't know what normal or love is, and you think normal is porn, because you were from an environment you were brought up to believe what love and normal is. Normal and love, in this case, are empty words, why? Find out yourself why, no one's here to give you the answers(Not even your imaginary friend, God).

Now, I ask you this. What is wrong with you people? Why can't you make a saner society? Are you gonna wait until things get worse? Are you stupid? Are you even trying?

But the answer is YOU CAN NEVER CHANGE, because you people are far too ignorant and not fully-educated.

So, go ahead, fight me with your meaningless comments of how much you hate me and how many insults will you use, it serves you nothing. All's you create is stupidity, aberrant behavior, corruption and conflicts against newgrounders, and you don't even know how they feel when you harm one no matter in what way, it won't help you.

So, go ahead, defend ZONE-SAMA, you manipulated "FANATIC", I don't care about your stupid comment, I don't even read them.


2009-05-26 03:18:34

Once again I will say it...She is gonna be hurting if she rides him.


2009-05-26 00:10:49

I love your vids dude, have you considered making one with terra and slade tho? Keep it up


2009-05-23 09:14:12

Another Preview pic has been released upon Hentaifoundry on the 22nd.

Looks like its coming along nicely.


2009-05-22 21:35:40

wat for another 3,000 crazy comments


2009-05-22 19:00:41

Hurry up with it! I think all of your Teen Titan hentais are awesome!